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Beginners - DNA Testing for Family History

Sun 23 Feb, 1:00pm - 4:00pm St John Ambulance Hall
31 Palmer Street, Te Awamutu 3800 Te Awamutu All ages $5 door charge (cash only, no eftpos)
Poster Beginners v2
Have you ever wondered whether a DNA test would be useful for your family history research?

Have you taken a DNA test but not known how to use your matches to further your research?

Have you looked at your ethnicity results but not realised there is a lot more to be discovered?

This workshop is for family historians who are new to DNA testing.
If you have already taken a DNA test but still are not sure what you are doing, then this workshop is also for you.
The content is designed to give you the confidence to start your own journey of discovery
and demystify the “science behind the test”. A laptop or other device will be useful for those who have their test results and want to “play” with their new-found knowledge. For those just starting out, all you need is an enquiring mind.

Please note: those who have done some DNA analysis are better suited to the morning session. Same day, same venue, different time, different content. If you require further information please phone 021 206 9119

To reserve a seat at the afternoon session, or to go on our DNA mailing list for future events,
please email by 17 February and mention “afternoon session” in the subject line.

This event is organised by the Te Awamutu Branch, NZ Society of Genealogists
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