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Shape a New Year Project 2023

Sun 01 Jan - Fri 29 Dec Memorial Room Cambridge
43 Queen Street, Cambridge 3434 Cambridge All ages gold coin to small fee for each of the events
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A series of events to help you align your time, energy and health to empowering action 2023.

Ideas that work, action steps, insights, skills, resources and personal growth.

Choose where you'd like to start and connect in with any of the upcoming events:

#Healing Days - Kinesiology Balance Mind|Body -40 minute sessions $5 entry koha treatments

#Health to Wellness - nutritional cellular repair, defence, protect Optimal Level Seminar - Integrative Nutritional support seminar - gold coin entry

#Alignment|Wellbeing Integration class - practical techniques & tips for personal, business, work, career, student learning and sport environments -3 hour class $15 entry

#Get Started Your Future is Now - new ways to work, be happier, align your core values with your activity and optimise your time, health and future stability - Seminar Gold Coin entry

For more information and details on any of the upcoming events please contact Colleen on 021 1603725 or
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