Planning an event?

Health and safety

Forgetting to think about risks is very risky!

Health and safety

You are responsible for protecting the health and safety of everyone attending your event, whether they are members of the public, event participants, volunteers or part of the event team. It’s your job to identify and manage all hazards and risks.

Every event should have a plan to identify and manage potential risks and hazards.

Ask the question ‘what if?’ and then think about possible outcomes of each situation and outline controls on how to avoid and manage them. Record this in a health and safety document. That way everyone involved with your event will be on the same page!

Top of your list should also be talking to emergency services.

Emergency services

The size and type of your event will influence whether you need qualified first aiders on-site or whether you need St John Ambulance present. Either way you need to contact your local ambulance as early as possible.

Police will also need to be informed of your event and what it involves.

Make sure you provide emergency services with a site-map and key contact details of who they can get in touch with if there is an emergency.