Planning an event?

Keeping it green

There's lots of way to minimise your event's impact on the environment

Keeping it green

We encourage you to minimise the environmental impact of your event. Keep it green!

Try starting small with some of these suggestions:


Encourage biking, walking, carpool or the use of public or shared transport. Include information about bus routes with tickets or partner up with a company to offer discounts or freebies. Offer prizes or discounts for those who carpool.

Get online 

Ticketing and marketing online can be more affordable than getting items printed and has less impact on the environment. Think websites, social media, blogs and apps!

Keeping up with your suppliers

Work with your suppliers to ensure they keep the environment in mind. Ask your suppliers how they plan to deal with their waste at the end of the event and whether they use recyclable products. Working with your suppliers early could mean less waste for you at the end of your event! Encourage suppliers to minimise packaging and the use of plastic.

Recycling stations

Have clearly marked recycling bins near your food stations or rubbish points to encourage the public to recycle.


Events can use a lot of water. Consider putting water conservation messages near where water is used to remind everyone that water is a precious resource, not to be wasted.

Start thinking green

Here’s some prompts for thinking green and identifying environmental impact areas:

  • Does your event have food vendors? Are they selling or providing containers, bottles, cans or napkins with their products? Are these necessary?
  • Do you have recycle bins near food areas to encourage recycling?
  • Are the bins labelled clearly? Are they in the right place?
  • Is your event centrally located? Is there public transport to your event site?
  • Can you encourage the public to use public transport, bike, walk or carpool?

More resources

The Ministry for the Environment has published an in-depth piece called the Greener Events Guide, which includes practical steps for event organisers to reduce impact in areas such as supplier contracts, transportation, waste, energy, water and recycling.

Check it out online at for more ideas.

Waipa District Council also has a Waste Minimisation Fund which offers funding support to individuals, community and cultural groups, businesses and education centres who wish to engage in a waste minimisation project or event.

See for more info.