Planning an event?

Traffic and events on roads

Follow these directions and you'll be on the right path in no time

Events on roads

If you’re planning an event that uses all or some of a road, will be taking away parking spaces or altering the flow of traffic and/or pedestrians from the norm, you'll need to complete an Event Application Form and submit a professional traffic management plan.

You can find the Event Application Form here.

Also, if you’re having to close a road, Waipā District Council requires at least 90 days notice before your event date, to complete the advertisement and road closure process required under the Local Government Act.

So, if you’re using a road, parking or changing the normal flow of road users then here's how it goes:

  • the event organiser completes and submits the Event Application Form to Council and the event organiser hires a traffic management company (TMC) to advise them on their plans
  • the TMC creates a traffic/pedestrian management plan with the organiser and submits it to council
  • event organisers are responsible for telling residents/businesses in the area of their plans, this can be done by a letter drop, email or meeting - whatever works best to communicate with those affected
  • Council reviews the event plans and TMPs for feedback and/or approval.

If your event needs a temporary road closure a public notification process is required on top of the above info, giving the public time to give feedback and for a report to go to Council’s Service Delivery Committee for their sign off.

This is done by you notifying council about the roads your event will close and the dates and times of the closure. Council then places a public notice in the local newspapers on your behalf at the cost of the event organiser. Please allow for at least 90 days for this step in the process.

  • all going well, and if no objections are received from the public, a formal report goes to a council’s Service Delivery Committee for review and the road closure is approved. If objections are received, it's the event organisers responsibility with support from council, to find a solution. If a solution cannot be found, the objection will be included in the report for council to make a final decision on.
  • the costs of traffic management and advertising are met by the event organiser

If you'd like to discuss your event and its use of the road corridor you can contact council's events and marketing advisors at or by phoning 0800 324 723.