Planning an event?

Resource consents

How loud? How late? How big?

Resource consents

Will your event comply with the Waipā District Plan? You need to find out.

The District Plan covers policies and rules to manage environmental effects. These can include noise limits, permitted hours of operation, signage and changes to the intended uses of any land your event might be on. If your event is mixing things up, make sure you get in touch with Council early to start the planning and application process.

Start compiling these details on your event before you get in touch with Council, or complete and submit the Event Application Form. Our events advisor can start the process for you by circulating and gathering feedback on your application to tell you what you need.

These quick points will help you start the resource consent process, should you need it:

  • Description of what your event is, where it is and when it will be happening
  • A site plan showing where activities will be including parking, signage, structures etc
  • Anticipated number of people who will be attending the event, including staff and volunteers
  • Noise levels. Have you got generators, megaphones or a 60 piece orchestra?
  • Signage for the event, where it’s placed and what size it is.

If you’re not sure what you need, get in touch with our events team to ask. If you know what you need contact Council’s consents team on 0800 924 723.