Planning an event?

Toilet facilities

Use this guide to help decide how many loos you'll need

Toilet facilities

Toilets are important! No one wants to be caught short at an event.

Check your venue has existing toilets and enough of them for the numbers you are expecting. If they don’t you’ll need to look at hiring portable toilet facilities and servicing them during your event to ensure they empty and stay clean and safe. It’s also important to remember accessible toilet options and a good supply of toilet paper!

If your event has food and drinks, you might want to increase the number of loos.

Here’s a bit of a guide to consider, it's only a guide though so please make sure your event is well equipped:

The gents
The ladies
Patrons Loo Urinals Hand basin Loo Hand basins
<500 3 8 2 13 2
<1000 5 10 4 16 4
<2000 9 15 7 18 7
<3000 10 20 14 22 14


12 30 20 40 20