Planning an event?

Event signage

Signs can be a big influence - and we don't mean your horoscope

Event signage

Are you putting up event signage around town to promote your event or help people find it?

There are a few guides we’d like event organisers to follow:

  • advertising signs should be removed by 3 days following an event and no more than 90 days before
  • a max size is 3mx3m, should be set back 15m from any strategic road and be 2m above the ground
  • signs cannot obstruct or impair the views of motorists, pedestrians or traffic signals
  • signs must not be made of reflective materials or use flashing or revolving lights
  • signs must be safely placed so they do not pose any risk to property or people

If you’re not sure what to include on your sign, think about where it will go. Will someone be walking or driving past it? How much time will they have to read your sign? If the event is annual should the date on the sign be ‘changeable’? What material should it be made from? Will it be too reflective in the sun?

Make sure you tell council of your plans, timing, maps and designs.

If you’re not sure what you can or can’t do, contact us on 0800 924 723 or email